Updated Nov. 26th,  2014
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Imagine living in a place where the biggest worry you have when you wake in the morning is
contemplating what you would like for dinner!
This is how real "living" is supposed to be and it is waiting for you at Villa Davina.
Our rural setting ensures that your days are peaceful. No hustle or bustle. No honking taxi
horns or exhaust fumes, just a peaceful, easy lifestyle surrounded by nature.
Villa Davina is located just a short 40 minute drive west from the 3rd largest city in Panama
"David" (pronounced Da-veed or Da-beed) and David has all of the “hectic pace” one could
want, restaurants, bars, theaters, parks, tons of shopping and let’s not forget the taxi horns.
Villa Davina is situated along the Rio Gariche River in the south western portion of the
province of Chiriqui and only 10 minutes from the border with Costa Rica. We are less than
3 kilometers off of the Pan-American Highway.
Chiriqui also has the distinction of being the “bread basket of the country” supplying most of
the fresh produce for the entire
Isthmus of Panama.
No need for a green thumb here, just stick it in the ground and watch it grow.
The Villa Davina project is perfectly priced for today’s economy and located in one of the
most welcoming, safe, expat friendly countries in the world--
We actually think it should be spelled Panam—ahhh because as soon as you arrive here
your attitude changes from one of awe to one of ahhh!
Panama offers very generous retiree benefits. One can easily live, quite nicely, on less than
$1200 per month. With no taxation on income earned from outside the country, little or no
property taxes and then add in the retiree incentives, your lifestyle is greatly enhanced and
you didn’t have to get a job or continue to work to do it.
We call that—
Good infrastructure, modern, affordable hospitals and health care, friendly people and
fabulous scenery and oh yea—don’t forget the climate of “never ending summer” it is
no wonder Panama continues to rank, year after year, in the top 5 locations in the
world for easy retirement or "offshore living".
A U.S.dollar denominated currency, strong banking and fiscal policies, expanding job and
business markets, opportunities and a sound government ensure Panama will be on the
radar screen for the boomers looking for better retirement options for many years to come.
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retire or invest, Panama!

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This is a fabulous deal!
One of our original buyers is reaping the rewards of his investment and "cashing in".

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We have only one condo available for re-sale!
The owner wants to move it -- make an offer!
Villa Davina
The photo to the left is the view of the front
porch of the unit for sale. It has a million
dollar look for only $77,500.
The owner says he is open to offers.